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The Issues with FPTP

There are three big issues with the current system:
1) TACTICAL VOTING – This is where voters alter their nominations based on how they believe others will nominate. If someone’s favoured candidate cannot win (because of how others vote), but there are other parties that stand a fairly even chance of winning, then they may be tempted to put their ‘X’ next to whoever they prefer out of the other parties (thus nominating someone different from their actual preference). Here is a helpful visual illustration: &
2) VOTE SPLITTING – This is where two or more similar candidates are together backed by the majority of the electorate, but individually don’t win the election because the nominations are split between them. This leads to the bizarre situation where increasing the number of candidates that appeal to the majority of the electorate, leads to an increased likelihood of a candidate DISLIKED by the majority being elected.
3) SAFE SEATS – A combination of 1) and 2) means that it is hard for new candidates to challenge the current MPs, as new candidates will be cautious about the effect of their running, and voters may be reluctant to move away from the current top few candidates/parties to nominate new candidates/parties. This makes it harder for new challengers to get elected and easier for the current MP to retain their seat.
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