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The Systems – FPTP vs AV

The current system is First Past the Post (FPTP), and the proposed new system is the Alternative Vote (AV).

  • Under FPTP, each voter nominates one candidate and the one with the most nominations wins, regardless of how large or small their share of the nominations is.
  • Under AV, the same happens, however the winning candidate must get 50% of the nominations made. If not, the lowest candidate is eliminated, and the process is repeated.
  • So AV is FPTP but with a 50% minimum requirement and repeated as many times as necessary.
  • Now, obviously, if we had to return to the polling booth every week for a month this would be daft, so instead under AV you rank the candidates, starting with ‘1’ for your favoured candidate, and, if you wish, the others ranked according to your preferences (you can just nominate one candidate if you wish).
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